RAVY 2014

RAVY 2014  / 4th edition  / April 07 – 13  /  Yaoundé Cameroon

African contemporary art knows a particular boom currently. There has been in recent years a great interest on art works from the continent. The RAVY festival wants to pursue his vision of expression forum for artists from here and abroad, still more surprisingly, most relevant; incontestable values ​​of the contemporary creation.  
Today the festival focuses more on what is called “site specific art” including performance art. The festival will further provide more space to artists whose approach breaks down social barriers, aesthetic, philosophical or religious.

In our 2014 program, we want to bring artists to go beyond their discourse, keeping indeed the style and the expression that identifies them. They will have to adapt themselves to the local context and work in synergy with the audience.
 The fourth edition of RAVY will focus on the promotion of some emerging and innovating visual artists that exist in Cameroon today. This edition will help many of them to be in direct contact with more experienced artists. It is a kind of bridge we put in place for a better affirmation of poorly known talents. This edition will allow different national and international artists to meet and share their experiences, setting new standards for contemporary art writing, but also contributing to let Yaoundé become a hub of visual arts in Africa.

Serge Olivier Fokoua / Atistic director

Curators: Landry Mbassi, Jean Voguet, Martin Baasch, Jude Anogwih

Guest curator: Storm Janse Van Rensburg (Germany)


Cameroon: Dieudonné Fokou/sculpture, Christian Etongo/ performance, Hervé Youmbi/ mixed media, Hervé Yamguen/ mixed media, Eric Iloga/ painting, Rostand Pokam/painting, Dieudonné Bayokolak/ painting, Landry Nguesta/ performance, Eric Delphin Kwegoue/ performance, Sentury Yob/ photography, Junior Esseba/ performance, Yvon Ngassam/ photography, Max Mbakop/ vidéo installation, Ruth Belinga/ Media art, Jean Michel Dissake/ sculpture, Ginette Daleu/ photographie

Nigeria: Odun Orimolade/ painting, Chriss Aghana Nwobu/ photography, Adeola Olagunju/ photography

France: Jean Voguet/ Mixed media, Bernard François/ Photography,  Sterenn Marchand Plantec/Mixed media, Soasic Guezennec/ media art

Congo DR: Tresor Malaya/ performance, Julie Djikei/ performance

Japan: Keiko Kamma/ installation

Germany: Johnny Amore/ performance, Irene Pascual/ performance

Spain: Valentin Torrens/ performance

Indonesia / UK: Grace Siregar/ installation

Belgium: Arlette Vandernecken/ painting

Zimbabwe: Zanele Anne Mutema/ sculpture